Issue - decisions

Small Schools Assessment

25/09/2019 - Small Schools Assessment - ES02(19/20)

The Cabinet Member for Education and Skills has:-


(1)     Approved the commencement of a consultation in relation to proposals for change at the following schools:-


Ø   Clapham and Patching CE Primary School, Clapham, Worthing

Ø   Compton and Up Marden CE School, Compton, Chichester

Ø   Rumboldswhyke CE Infants’ School, Chichester

Ø   Stedham Primary School, Stedham, Midhurst

Ø   Warninglid Primary School, Warninglid, Haywards Heath


(2)     Agreed that County Council officers prepare a report on the outcome of the consultation for the Cabinet Member to decide whether to undertake further consultation in relation to specific proposals for any of the schools.