Committee details


Purpose of committee

The West Sussex Cabinet has 9 members selected from the Conservative majority.


The Cabinet is collectively responsible for:

     the way the County Council carries out its functions in a way that

     satisfies local residents

     generating income

     deciding how the budget should be spent

     undertaking major and sensitive decisions

     setting key targets to be achieved by departments

     monitoring how each department is performing

     making sure contracts are managed properly.

The majority of day-to-day decisions are taken by Cabinet Members individually. Each member has a portfolio of work for which they take personal responsibility – for details see the ‘Responsibilities’ section for each of the members of the Cabinet linked below. Decisions of individual Cabinet Members are published in on our decisions page.


The formal Cabinet meets once a year to consider and propose the West Sussex Plan and annual budget, which are subject to agreement by the full Council of 70 members. Other Cabinet meetings may be held throughout the year consider topical themes. Meeting agendas are published before the Cabinet meets, and meetings are open to the press and public.


Key decisions (for expenditure or savings of £500,000 or more or those which will have a significant effect on communities in two or more electoral divisions) to be made by Cabinet Members over the next 4 months are listed in the Forward Plan of key decisions.


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Contact information

Support officer: Monique Smart on 033 022 22540. Email: