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Public health emergency


In accordance with regulations in response to the current public health emergency the County Council will, until further notice, hold virtual committee meetings.  Members will attend and participate remotely via conference calls and there will be press and public access via webcasting.


The agendas for these meetings will be published on the website and the meetings will be available to watch online via our webcasting website.


Please contact Democratic Services if any further information is required.




The West Sussex Cabinet has 9 members from the majority group on the Council.


The Cabinet is collectively responsible for:


·         deciding how services are planned to meet the needs of local residents

·         setting targets to be achieved by departments

·         deciding how the budget should be spent

·         taking the most important decisions about policy and services

·         monitoring how each department is performing


Most decisions are taken by Cabinet Members together in meetings in public. Others may be taken by individual Cabinet Members. Each member has a portfolio of work for which they are responsible – see the ‘Responsibilities’ section for each Cabinet Member linked below. Meeting agendas are published before the Cabinet meets and press and public access will be by audio webcasting.  All of the decisions are published on our decisions page.


The Cabinet also meets to propose the West Sussex Plan and annual budget, which are then put to the full Council of 70 members for approval, usually in February each year. This determines the Council’s council tax requirement.


Key decisions (for expenditure or savings of £500,000 or more or those which will have a significant effect on communities in two or more electoral divisions) to be made by the Cabinet or Cabinet Members over the next 4 months are listed in the Forward Plan.


Watch meetings online


You can watch meetings live online via our webcasting website. Our webcasts are also available to view in the webcast library for six years after the meeting (six months prior to May 2020).


Watch meetings online


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Contact information

Support officer: Natalie Jones-Punch on 033 022 25098. Email: