Executive post



The following functions are allocated to the Leader of the Council:


·        to chair meetings of the Cabinet and oversee the preparation of business for its consideration.

·        to indicate to the Chief Executive and executive directors the priorities and programmes of the Cabinet and majority party, and their likely reaction to new policies or projects.

·        to be the principal political spokesman for the County Council at internal and external meetings.

·        to decide matters on behalf of another cabinet member if he or she is unwell, out of the county, has an interest in a matter under consideration, or is otherwise unable to act, or in the Leader’s absence, to nominate the Deputy Leader or another cabinet member to do so.

·        to have responsibility for the following portfolio areas:


o   Strategic Political Direction

o   Policy and Strategy

o   Communications and lobbying activity

o   Partnerships including locally, SE7 and CCN

o   Economy (supported by Cabinet Members on some specifics)

Post is held by