Executive post

Cabinet Member for Environment


The responsibilities of the Environment portfolio are as follows:


·        Waste Strategy

·        Recycling

·        Energy

·        Trading Standards

·        South Downs National Park

·        Coast and Countryside

·        Rights of Way

·        Cycling Improvement (in consultation with the Cabinet Member for Highways and Infrastructure)

·        Air Quality and Wellbeing (in consultation with the Leader)

·        Minerals

·        Planning


Mrs Urquhart is also the Deputy Leader and the responsibilities of that role are as follows:


To undertake the functions of the Leader of the Council in the absence of the Leader where the business cannot await the return of the Leader due to urgency or to the compelling interests of the Council or when specifically requested by the Leader to do so, within the scope and limitation set out below.




·        To chair meetings of the Cabinet.

·        To act for the Leader at meetings of the Council or any of its committees, sub-committees or other member meetings which the Leader is expected or required to attend.

·        To act for the Leader at any external meetings or meetings with partners or other scheduled events to which the Leader is requested or invited to attend.

·        To make, when urgently required, appointments to the Council’s Executive or decisions related to such appointments and the allocation of cabinet portfolios.

·        To take executive decisions relating to the Leader’s portfolio or on matters reserved to the Leader or which would otherwise fall to the Leader.




Not to take any decision on the Council’s business, or to attend any meeting on behalf of the Leader, and not to receive information on any matter, which has been identified by the Leader as the responsibility of another member or members of the Executive.

Post is held by