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We the undersigned petition the council to Traffic Regulations order (TRO) for double yellow lines as detailed.

There are two road safety issues in Haynes Road to both vehicles and pedestrians.

(1) The double yellow lines as you enter Haynes Road (opposite McCormick chemist) on the corner do not extend far enough around into Haynes Rd. This constantly causes a total blind spot with oncoming traffic. This has caused a number of accidents including one resident having to swerve to avoid an oncoming vehicle and crashing into the wall between #1 Haynes Road and #48 Twitten Way causing considerable damage and luckily not resulting in serious injuries. This particular case would have been logged with the police on 24th January 2022.

(2) Vehicles continually park on the corner junction of Haynes Rd / Twitten Way. This causes another blindspot and danger to motorists and pedestrians. The solution is to put double yellow lines from the corner for at least 10 metres (as per photo diagram).

The solutions I am requesting are:
1. Extend the double yellow lines from the corner of Haynes Road and Rectory Road to the driveway of No8 Haynes Road
2. New double yellow lines from the corner of Twitten Way / Haynes Road.

This ePetition runs from 11/07/2022 to 22/08/2022.

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