Use the search options below to find information regarding recent decisions that have been taken by the Cabinet, Cabinet Members and County Local Committees. Also included are key decisions by officers and decisions made by officers under the urgent action procedure. You can also find decisions taken by the full Council and decision-making committees.

Decisions published
Title Date Effective from Call-ins
Review of Property Holdings FR19 (18/19) Glenvue Day Centre ref: 51615/02/201927/02/20190
Crawley Growth Programme: Eastern Gateway Scheme - OKD21(18/19) ref: 51313/02/201925/02/20190
Woodlands Meed College Site, Burgess Hill - Allocation of Funding for Design Fees - ES18 (18/19) ref: 51413/02/201925/02/20190
Planning Applications: Regulation 3 Application ref: 51211/09/201811/09/2018Not for call-in
Authority School Governors ref: 50606/02/201915/02/2019Call-in expired
Community Initiative Funding ref: 50506/02/201915/02/2019Call-in expired
Tobacco Control Strategy for West Sussex AH13 18/19 ref: 50707/02/201919/02/20190
Nominations for Local Authority Governors to Maintained Schools and Academy Governing Bodies (SC10(18/19)) ref: 50305/02/201914/02/2019Call-in expired
Community Initiative Funding (SC11(18/19)) ref: 50405/02/201914/02/2019Call-in expired
Parking Charges for evening and weekend Public Parking at County Hall, West Street, The Record Office, Orchard Street Chichester - Consultation response consideration (SC12(18/19)) ref: 50205/02/201914/02/2019Call-in expired
Proposed Traffic Regulation Order - Calluna Drive, Copthorne (NMS09(18/19)) ref: 50105/02/201914/02/2019Call-in expired
School Funding 2019/20 - ES17 (18/19) ref: 50006/02/201918/02/2019Call-in expired