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Decisions recommendations approved (subject to call-in)

18/09/2020 - Award of Contract for Adults In-house Social Care Redevelopment OKD34 (20/21) ref: 1039    Recommendations Approved (subject to call-in)

Following the decision undertaken by the Cabinet member for Adults and Health in June 2020 (AH05 20/21), the Interim Executive Director for Adults and Health is asked to agree to the commencement of the appointment of the contract relating to the provision for the redevelopment of Glebelands, Laurels and Rowans Adult day centres in West Sussex for delivery of work for May 2021. This relates to capital programme works to the value of £4.587m.


A tender process started in April 2020 with the first stage, a Pre-Qualification Questionnaire sent out to contractors on the 11 May 2020. The PQQ is a pre-tender exercise which will be undertaken to determine quality of contractors prior to inviting tender.  Ten submissions were received by the closing date of the 22 May and the top 6 submissions with the highest scores were put forward to the second stage of the tender process. The second stage tenders have been sent out with a return date of 24 July.


The Interim Executive Director of Adults and Health will be asked to agree the award of the contract to the lowest submitted tender.


Decision Maker: Interim Executive Director Adults and Health

Decision published: 18/09/2020

Effective from: 30/09/2020


The Interim Executive Director Adults and Health has approved the award of contract to Chessmur Building Contractors for a period of 8 months and 0 days for the value of £4,180,998.75. The contract is to commence on the 17th September 2020 with the expected completion date for the works, 14th May 2021.


Lead officer: Simon Starns

18/09/2020 - Woodlands Meed College - Allocation of Funding for Feasibility Study for Alternative Site at Jane Murray Way ES06 (20/21) ref: 1038    Recommendations Approved (subject to call-in)

Woodlands Meed is a Special School and College for 2-19 year olds in Burgess Hill providing for about 100 15-19 year old pupils. It is significantly below the provision of area based on the Department for Education’s Building Bulletin 104. The permanent structures whilst in an acceptable condition are not of sufficient size or capable of adaptation to meet the requirements of BB104. The modular buildings are nearing the end of their life and will need to be replaced.


On 26th May 2020 Cabinet approved the gross allocation of £20m to rebuild the college on the college’s existing playing field (Decision reference (CAB03 20/21)).


As the project has progressed and on the completion of the feasibility study it has become clear that, whilst not insurmountable, various issues pose challenges to the delivery of a new building on the playing field site due to constraints and location.


In regular discussions about these challenges between the Cabinet Member for Education and Skills and the college’s governors and head teacher a request was made for the Council to consider alternative sites without compromising the commitment to deliver the new building by May 2023.


Following a review a site with the potential to be developed for a new school has been identified on vacant County Council land in Burgess Hill off Jane Murray Way (JMW) in Burgess Hill and the potential benefits of using this site have been discussed and agreed with the governors and head teacher.


To establish whether a less constrained and impactful build could be achieved as discussed and agreed with the governors it is proposed that a parallel feasibility study be undertaken on the JMW site for a new building to replace the current Woodlands Meed College whilst not affecting the published programme.



Decision Maker: Cabinet Member for Education and Skills

Decision published: 18/09/2020

Effective from: 30/09/2020


(1)  The Cabinet Member for Finance has approved the release of up to £0.1m from the feasibility budget for additional feasibility work for Woodlands Meed College rebuild, and


(2)  the Cabinet Member for Education and Skills has approved the commissioning of a feasibility study on an alternative site at Jane Murray Way Burgess Hill for the rebuild of Woodlands Meed College whilst continuing with the project for a new building on the College’s playing field site


Lead officer: Leigh Hunnikin