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Decisions recommendations approved (subject to call-in)

17/04/2019 - West Sussex Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy AH1 19/20 ref: 584    Recommendations Approved (subject to call-in)

The West Sussex Health and Wellbeing Board (HWB) is a statutory partnership providing shared strategic leadership and coordination of local action to deliver health, care and wellbeing services based on the best evidence of local needs. The West Sussex HWB includes representation from key organisations in West Sussex with major responsibilities for social care services, public health, health and wellbeing services.  The HWB’s responsibilities include developing a Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy (JHWS) which identifies priorities and sets out how local needs will be met.


The current 2015-2018 West Sussex Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy  has been reviewed. The new strategy will be used to inform local commissioning and delivery plans and determine what actions West Sussex County Council, NHS, and other partners need to take to meet health and social care needs, and to address health inequalities.


The Cabinet Member for Adults and Health Chairman for the Health and Wellbeing Board is requested to agree that the West Sussex Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy (JHWS) 2019 – 2024 is in alignment with the West Sussex Plan and is asked to endorse the Joint Health and Wellbeing Board’s Strategy on behalf of the County Council.

Decision Maker: Cabinet Member for Adults and Health

Decision published: 17/04/2019

Effective from: 01/05/2019


As the Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2019 -2024 has been ratified by the Clinical Commissioning Group governing bodies at the Governing Board meeting of NHS Coastal West Sussex Clinical Commissioning Group on March 26 2019, and at the North Place Governing Body Committee in Common, 28 March 2019 for NHS Crawley Clinical Commissioning Group and NHS Horsham and Mid Sussex Clinical Commissioning Group; the Cabinet Member for Adults and Health has approved;


the Joint Health and Wellbeing  Strategy (JHWBS) (see appendix 1) and requests its ratification at the West Sussex County Council Health and Wellbeing Board meeting on 25 April 2019.


Divisions affected: (All Divisions);

Lead officer: Anna Raleigh

12/04/2019 - Highways and Infrastructure 2019/20 Forward Works Programmes and Annual Delivery Programme HI03 (19/20) ref: 583    Recommendations Approved

The Highway Infrastructure Asset Management Policy and Strategy communicates West Sussex County Council’s approach to highways infrastructure asset management, setting out the decision making framework for the maintenance of the roads in West Sussex.  Corporate processes are also in place for the identification, assessment, and prioritisation of local and community highway and transport improvements.  The rolling Forward Programmes for Highway Maintenance, Local Transport Improvement Programme (LTIP), and Community Highway Schemes (CHS) identify and prioritise future maintenance and improvement needs across the County Council’s highway asset groups. These forward programmes inform the future Annual Delivery Programmes.


The Highway Maintenance, LTIP and CHSForward Programmes provide robust and reliable information to identify the future maintenance need, or transport infrastructure improvements to be carried out within the next three to five years. The programmes are used to support forward financial planning and communicate the anticipated planned maintenance and transport improvements to elected members, County Local Committees, local West Sussex businesses and residents.


The Annual Delivery Programmeis developed and prepared from the integration of the Forward Programmes each year during autumn for approval in advance of the start of the new financial year. It prioritises maintenance and improvement schemes taking into account available funding for delivery and the relative need.

Decision Maker: Cabinet Member for Highways and Infrastructure

Decision published: 12/04/2019

Effective from: 26/04/2019


The Cabinet Member for Highways and Infrastructure has approved:


(1)        The Annual Delivery Programme 2019/20 for implementation from 1 April 2019. (Appendix 1)

(2)        That the additional £8.046m of grant and S.106 funding as set out in paragraph 4.2 is utilised to deliver the Programme in 2019/20, and the Capital Programme updated accordingly.

(3)        The Annual Delivery Programme for 2019/20 to be circulated to County Local Committees and other appropriate stakeholders for their information and published on the West Sussex highways webpages. (Appendix 2 - part a and b)

(4)        The delegation of authority to the Director of Highways and Transport to adjust the 2019/20 Annual Delivery Programme to take account of budgetary pressures and any changes in priority arising as a result of network availability, emergencies, or other operational circumstances, in consultation with the Cabinet Member.

Divisions affected: (All Divisions);

Lead officer: Rowan Sheppard