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Decisions recommendations approved (subject to call-in)
Title Date Effective from Call-ins
Highway Maintenance Term Contract Procurement HI22 18.19 ref: 46718/12/201801/01/20190
Extension to Interim Highways Contract HI21(18/19) ref: 46518/12/201801/01/20190
Local Assistance Network (LAN) - AH12 (18/19) ref: 46818/12/201801/01/20190
Minimum Income Guarantee for Working Age Adults - AH10(18/19) ref: 46618/12/201801/01/20190
Housing Related Support - AH11(18/19) ref: 46918/12/201801/01/20190
Alterations to the Integrated Prevention and Earliest Help Service - CYP05 (18/19) ref: 46418/12/201801/01/20190
Review of Property Holdings FR15 18.19 ref: 46117/12/201831/12/20180
Revisions to Recycling Credit Payments ENV11 18.19 ref: 46314/12/201828/12/20180