Use the search options below to find information regarding recent decisions that have been taken by the Cabinet, Cabinet Members and County Local Committees. Also included are key decisions by officers and decisions made by officers under the urgent action procedure. You can also find decisions taken by the full Council and decision-making committees.

Decisions published
Title Date Effective from Call-ins
Contract Arrangements for Commissioned Social Support Services AH7 19/20 ref: 72609/10/201921/10/2019Call-in expired
Award of Contract for the expansion of Shelley Primary School, Broadbridge Heath - OKD21 (19/20) ref: 72509/10/201921/10/2019Call-in expired
Response to Dr O'Kelly's Notice of Motion to County Council on 19 July 2019 on Small Schools Federation - ES04(19/20) ref: 72408/10/201918/10/2019Call-in expired
Review of Property Holdings: FR11 (19/20) ref: 72308/10/201918/10/2019Call-in expired
Shoreham Harbour Joint Area Action Plan ENV06 (19/20) ref: 72104/10/201916/10/2019Call-in expired
Soft Sand Review - Proposed Submission Draft ENV07 (19/20) ref: 72204/10/201916/10/2019Call-in expired
Procurement of Public Health Services AH6 19/20 ref: 72003/10/201915/10/2019Call-in expired
Limit use of Household Waste Recycling Sites to West Sussex residents ENV05 (19/20) ref: 71902/10/201914/10/2019Call-in expired
Allocation of Funding for Investment in Site Security and Fencing Improvements in West Sussex Maintained Schools - ES03(19/20) ref: 71830/09/201910/10/2019Call-in expired
Prioritisation of Traffic Regulation Orders 2018/19 HI15 (19/20) ref: 71727/09/201909/10/2019Call-in expired