Use the search options below to find information regarding recent decisions that have been taken by the Cabinet, Cabinet Members and County Local Committees. Also included are key decisions by officers and decisions made by officers under the urgent action procedure. You can also find decisions taken by the full Council and decision-making committees.

Decisions published
Title Date Effective from Call-ins
Procurement of a Water Retail Supplier - OKD06 19/20 ref: 60217/05/201930/05/2019Call-in expired
Award of Contract for the provision of 7 x Fire Appliances OKD04 19/20 ref: 60016/05/201929/05/2019Call-in expired
Replacement Fuel Card Contract (Fire Service) OKD05 19/20 ref: 60116/05/201929/05/2019Call-in expired
Procurement of Integrated Sexual Health Services AH03 19/20 ref: 59915/05/201928/05/2019Call-in expired
Adoption of the Chichester Harbour Management Plan 2019 - 2024 ENV01 18/19 ref: 59210/05/201922/05/2019Call-in expired
Completion of expansion works to Northgate Primary School - OKD01 (19/20) ref: 59310/05/201922/05/2019Call-in expired
Appointment to an Outside Body - Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education - ES01(19/20) ref: 58907/05/201917/05/2019Call-in expired
FR01 19.20 Procurement of Outdoor Media Services ref: 59007/05/201917/05/2019Call-in expired
Procurement of Replacement Fire and Rescue Vehicles to support a Flexi Duty System (FDS) OKD03 19/20 ref: 59107/05/201917/05/2019Call-in expired
Collaborative Procurement of Diesel Fuel with Blue Light partners OKD02 19/20 ref: 58803/05/201916/05/2019Call-in expired