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Decisions published

10/06/2021 - Extension of contracts for A Place to Live and Supported Living Services OKD04 21/22 ref: 1265    Recommendations Approved (subject to call-in)

The Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care & Health approved the formal commencement of a procurement process on the 25 November 2015 (Cabinet Member Key Decision Report ASCH08 (15/16) refers) for the A Place to Live Services (APTL) and the Supported Living Services (SLS). Following the procurement completed in 2016; the then Executive Director of Care, Wellbeing and Education approved the award of the APTL and SLS contracts.


APTL Services comprise of three contract lots for customised supported living accommodation-based services that were originally tendered and awarded in 2010 to Southdown Housing Association (Coastal and Western) and Royal Mencap Society (Northern). SLS Services comprise of two  contract lots for outreach support in the community as well as supported living accommodation based services that were awarded to The Grace Eyre Foundation.


The contracts include the provision to extend for a further period to a maximum contract term of 6 years not extending beyond 30 June 2022.


The County Council will explore options for these services during the extension period. Consideration will be given to opportunities to enhance the service offer to meet increased customer need, younger customers and offer savings to the Learning Disabilities pooled budget. In the meantime, the Executive Director Adults and Health will be asked to approve the contract extension for a further period of up to 15 months until 30 June 2022.

Decision Maker: Executive Director Adults and Health

Decision published: 10/06/2021

Effective from: 22/06/2021


The Executive Director of Adults and Health has approved an extension to the existing A Place to Live and Supported Living Services contracts for people with learning disabilities for a period of up to 15 months until 30 June 2022 at a cost of circa £5.5m.


Divisions affected: (All Divisions);

Lead officer: Karen Young

08/06/2021 - Review and Appointments to Outside Bodies CAB1(21/22) ref: 1264    Recommendations Approved (subject to call-in)

Decision Maker: Cabinet

Made at meeting: 08/06/2021 - Cabinet

Decision published: 08/06/2021

Effective from: 18/06/2021


Following consideration of the report, Cabinet resolved:


1.   That appointments are no longer made by the County Council to the Outside Bodies listed in Appendix A and that they be deleted from the County Council’s Outside Bodies list.


2.   The Outside Bodies listed in Appendix B, part 1, are retained, along with any additions of new Outside Bodies, to which the Cabinet, Cabinet Members or Committees appoint as set out in that table and that each of these appointments be an approved duty for which expenses can be claimed.


3.   That appointments are made by the Leader, Cabinet and Cabinet Members to the Outside Bodies as listed in Appendix B, part 2, until the end of the term of the County Council in May 2025.


4.   To agree the additional appointments to the following vacancies as set out in Appendix B, Part 2:


·       West Sussex Local Access Forum – Vacancy to be filled by Cllr Baldwin

·       Worthing Community Infrastructure Levy Joint Member and Officer Group – Vacancy to be filled by Cllr Atkins.


5.   That any vacancies remaining be delegated to the Leader or individual Cabinet Member for decision.



The call-in deadline is 17 June 2021.


02/06/2021 - Burgess Hill Place and Connectivity Programme A2300 Improvements: Endorsement Additional Improvements and Allocation of Funding OKD01 21-22 ref: 1263    Recommendations Approved

In March 2019 a Leader Decision approved the Burgess Hill Place and Connectivity Programme (LDR09 18.19), funding allocation, delivery mechanism and governance for projects to be progressed by the County Council, allowing delegated authority to the Executive Director of Place Services to progress the projects subject to business case.


A business case has been drawn up for pedestrian, cycle and Public Rights of Way improvements within the A2300 corridor additional to those being delivered through the existing A2300 Corridor Improvements Scheme.  The additional routes will provide improved access to existing and proposed employment areas, the Northern Arc and the wider Public Rights of Way network.


Decision Maker: Executive Director Place Services

Decision published: 02/06/2021

Effective from: 12/06/2021


The Executive Director for Place Services has endorsed the allocation of £2.1m of Burgess Hill Place and Connectivity Programme Local Government Fund grant for delivery of additional pedestrian, cycle and Public Rights of Way Improvements within the A2300 corridor


Divisions affected: Burgess Hill North; Hurstpierpoint & Bolney;

Lead officer: Paul Jackson-Cole

01/06/2021 - Care and Support at Home Award of Contracts OKD02 21/22 ref: 1262    Recommendations Approved

The tender for Care and Support at Home which initially commenced in February 2020 and was subsequently paused as a result of the first wave of the pandemic has reached the point at which a decision is required regarding the award of the new arrangements.  Following a number of risks and concerns having been raised and reviewed the proposal for decision is not to award the procurement. It is proposed that current contractual arrangements through established framework agreements be extended whilst fresh plans for the service and its procurement are made as soon as is practicable. Potential suppliers will be engaged both in relation to the reasons for the decision and the options for participating in the current framework.


Decision Maker: Executive Director Adults and Health

Decision published: 01/06/2021

Effective from: 11/06/2021


The Executive Director Adults and Health has approved that;


(1)  the procurement of Care and Support at Home Services be abandoned;


(2)  a new model for the service be developed and procured as soon as practicable; and


(3)  arrangements to extend the 2015 Care and Support at Home Framework Agreement until July 2022 with a further possible extension of 6 months and  to commission services through the 2015 Care and Support at Home Framework Agreement and through the Domiciliary Care spot purchase Framework Agreement as a reserve position, be approved.


Divisions affected: (All Divisions);

Lead officer: Juliette Garrett