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Decisions published

04/04/2024 - Highways, Transport and Planning Delivery Programme 2024-2025 HT01 (24/25) ref: 1937    Recommendations Approved (subject to call-in)

The Highway and Transport Delivery Programmes identify capital highways infrastructure maintenance and transport improvement schemes for delivery during 2024/25 and beyond. Capital funding for the Delivery Programmes is predominantly received from the Government for roads maintenance (the Local Highway Maintenance Block), and transport improvements (the Integrated Transport Block) supported by additional funding from developer agreements and contributions.


The indicative forward programmes for Highway Infrastructure Maintenance, Local Transport Improvements (LTIP) and Community Highway Schemes (CHS), have informed the 2024/25 Highways and Transport Delivery Programmes. These provide transparency of the maintenance and improvement investment needs and the funding priorities prepared and selected for review and approval in this decision.

Decision Maker: Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport (Cllr Joy Dennis)

Decision published: 04/04/2024

Effective from: 16/04/2024


Divisions affected: (All Divisions);

Lead officer: Gary Rustell

28/03/2024 - Relocation of Jessie Younghusband Primary School and Expansion of St Anthony's School - Publication of Statutory Notices - CYPLS02 (24/25) ref: 1936    Recommendations Approved

Jessie Younghusband Primary School is a Primary School providing up to 210 places for children aged 4-11 years.  The proposal is to relocate Jessie Younghusband from its current location to a new 1 Form of Entry (FE) Primary School (210 places) which is being built on the housing development west of Chichester, known as Minerva Heights.


St Anthony’s School in Chichester is a Special School for children and young people aged between 4 and 16 years with moderate learning difficulties. It currently shares a site with Jessie Younghusband. There is a need to expand St Anthony’s to ensure there are appropriate and sufficient places in accordance with the County Council’s Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) Strategy 2019-2024. The relocation of Jessie Younghusband would leave a vacant building which could be used for the purposes of expanding St Anthony’s special school.


The creation of a new primary school is for the purpose of accommodating the additional children who will come to live in Minerva Heights which means it is also necessary to propose revisions to the catchment areas of other schools in the local area should the proposals proceed.


In December 2023 the Cabinet Member for Children and Young People, Learning and Skills approved the launch of a public consultation, in accordance with Department for Education (DfE) guidance, to seek views on the proposed changes (decision CYPLS05(23/24) refers).  Details of the consultation process and the feedback received are set out in section 4 of this report. 


The DfE guidance sets out the stages of the process that should be undertaken when considering relocation of a school.  Having completed the first stage of the initial consultation, the Cabinet Member is now asked to consider the feedback received and approve the progression of the proposals to the next stage of the process.





Decision Maker: Cabinet Member for Children and Young People, Learning and Skills (Cllr Jacquie Russell)

Decision published: 28/03/2024

Effective from: 11/04/2024


The Cabinet Member for Children and Young People, Learning and Skills has approved:


(1)        The publication of formal statutory proposals for the relocation of Jessie Younghusband Primary School to the primary school site within the Minerva Heights development.  The new school is expected to open in September 2025.

(2)        The intent to publish formal statutory proposals for the expansion of St Anthony’s school into the vacated buildings currently occupied by Jessie Younghusband Primary School, should the proposed relocation of Jessie Younghusband Primary School proceed.


Divisions affected: Chichester North; Chichester West;

Lead officer: Graham Olway

26/03/2024 - Additional budget allocation for delivery of the new Secondary School at Brookleigh, Burgess Hill - CYPLS01 (24/25) ref: 1927    Recommendations Approved

Homes England has secured outline planning permission for a new 3500 home development on land known as Brookleigh, Burgess Hill.  As part of the plan, a site for a new secondary school, known as Bedelands Academy, has been provided to ensure sufficient secondary school places to serve the development. A financial contribution of £18.159m has been secured through Section 106 agreements to contribute towards the construction costs of the new school.  An academy sponsor for the new school has been confirmed.


Secondary school places in the Burgess Hill area are already under pressure, with local secondary schools having agreed to take additional pupils through bulge classes.


The need for additional pupil places is predicted to grow year on year and an additional 120 places are required from September 2026 onwards, with additional places being required every year thereafter for the foreseeable future.


Following design development and delays in progressing the project an uplift to the approved budget is now required to progress the delivery of the scheme. The proposed date for completion is for the school to open in September 2027.

Decision Maker: Cabinet Member for Children and Young People, Learning and Skills (Cllr Jacquie Russell)

Decision published: 26/03/2024

Effective from: 09/04/2024


The Cabinet Member for Children and Young People, Learning and Skills has approved:


(1)That an additional £16.94m is identified for the delivery of the new Secondary School at Brookleigh, Burgess Hill.


(2)That the procurement process for the appointment of a construction partner proceed with a view to a decision on letting the contract in August 2024

Divisions affected: Burgess Hill East; Burgess Hill North; Cuckfield & Lucastes; Hassocks & Burgess Hill South; Haywards Heath East; Haywards Heath Town; Hurstpierpoint & Bolney; Lindfield & High Weald;

Lead officer: Lydia Schilbach

26/03/2024 - Annual Review of Fees paid to independent providers of Adult Social Care OKD02 (24/25) ref: 1935    Recommendations Approved

Rates and fees paid to independent providers of adult social care provision in the community and in accommodation based services are subject to annual review. The review will consider usual maximum rates for care homes and care homes with nursing; individually agreed rates paid to care homes and care homes with nursing and rates for supported living, shared lives; extra care and other community-based services.


Decisions on fees to be paid in the financial year 2024-25 will take account of a range of information, including but not limited to; recent decisions on National Living Wage,  the current market position, the need and demand for services, the Council’s strategic priorities, financial challenges for providers of care and support services and the financial position for the Council and the adult social care budget.  During 2023 commissioners have engaged with representatives of the adult social care market to reflect feedback on both the challenges for the market and in the fees review process and in preparation for the review of fees. 


The Director of Adults and Health will be asked to agree the fees and rates paid for commissioned services related to the adult social care and health portfolio for 2024-25.



Decision Maker: Director of Adults and Health (Alan Sinclair)

Decision published: 26/03/2024

Effective from: 09/04/2024


The Director of Adults and Health has approved the 2024/25 fee increases to independent sector providers in line with the proposals set out in section 2 of the report.


Divisions affected: (All Divisions);

Lead officer: Juliette Garrett

26/03/2024 - Award of contract for Minibus Hire Services OKD01 (24/25) ref: 1934    Recommendations Approved

The County Council hires vehicles to support operations when the need cannot be met from within the owned fleet.


There is a requirement to re-procure the minibus hire contract to ensure the provision of vehicles continues to represent best value against a refreshed hire profile and support specification. 


The term of the contract will be 3 years starting in August 2024 and the anticipated spend is approximately £2,900,000 over the contract term based on 75 vehicles.


The Chief Fire Officer has agreed the commencement of a compliant procurement process, in line with Council’s Standing Orders on Procurement and Contracts, and will be asked to award the contract to the successful supplier.


Decision Maker: Chief Fire Officer (Sabrina Cohen-Hatton)

Decision published: 26/03/2024

Effective from: 09/04/2024


The Chief Fire Officer has approved the award of contract to London Hire Limited for the provision of 75 minibuses over a 3-year hire period, with an anticipated contract value of £3,227m.


Divisions affected: (All Divisions);

Lead officer: James Skilling

22/03/2024 - Award of Adult Learning Community Learning Grant funded Programmes - OKD51(23/24) ref: 1928    Recommendations Approved

Adult learning is a non-statutory provision, externally funded via the Department for Education through the Education Skills Funding Agency (ESFA). The County Council receive a total £3.228m of funding for its Adult Education Budget each year from the ESFA. This funding is used to target the provision of different elements of learning for adults to enable them to obtain skills or qualifications and / or enhance their lives, health and wellbeing. 


In March 2023 the Cabinet Member for Learning and Skills approved the commencement of an open procurement process to secure contracts with multiple providers to deliver adult skills programmes.  The Cabinet Member also delegated authority  to the responsible officer to award contracts to successful providers (decision LS10(22/23) refers). That decision set out the overall service strategy and how funds would be deployed with provision split between the two elements of Adult Skills and Community Learning.


In August 2023 approval was granted for the award of contracts to deliver the adult skills provision (decision OKD11 (23/24) refers).


This decision covers that part of the programme which will enable delivery of the Community Learning element. In December 2023 providers were invited to bid for funding for Community Learning Grants across four themes totalling a value of up to £475k in the academic year 2023-24 and up to £475k in the academic year 2024-25. Approval is now sought to award the grant agreements to the successful providers.

Decision Maker: Interim Assistant Director (Education and Skills) (Steve Nyakatawa)

Decision published: 22/03/2024

Effective from: 05/04/2024


The Interim Assistant Director (Education and Skills) has approved the award of Community Learning Grant Agreements to the organisations identified in Appendix A up to a total value of £817,942 for the period April 2024-July 2025. This total award comprises:

        £408,971 in the academic year 2023-24

        £408,971 in the academic year 2024-25.

Divisions affected: (All Divisions);

Lead officer: Andrew Bishop