Issue - decisions

Electric Vehicle Charging Procurement

19/03/2020 - Electric Vehicle Charging Procurement ENV09 (19/20)

The Cabinet Member for Environment has –


1.     approved the commencement of the procurement process to procure a concession contract for a period of 7 years with the option to extend up to a further 3 years (on a 1 + 1 + 1 basis) as set out in section 2 of the report and


2.     delegated authority to the Director of Environment and Public Protection, in consultation with the Director of Highways, Transport and Planning, to award the service concession contract to the successful bidder following the procurement exercise.



12 May 2021 – update


Due to the abandonment of the procurement process in January 2021, a full review of the offer to the market has been undertaken.


The review, which included consideration of lessons learnt from the first tender and additional feedback from suppliers via a market engagement exercise, concluded that a longer contract length of 15+5 years is required to enable a sufficient return on investment to be attractive to suppliers. 


A shorter contract length would significantly limit the number of suppliers likely to bid and would also undermine the County Council’s aim to see chargepoints in sites where there is community need, but lower commercial returns.


The Director of Environment and Public Protection has approved a change to the contract period from the initial 7+1+1+1  years to 15+5 years.


All other elements remain unchanged from the original March 2020 report (ENV09 19/20).