Issue - decisions

Small Schools Proposals

14/01/2020 - Proposals for reorganisation of rural and small schools in West Sussex (CAB10_19/20)


Following consideration of the report, Cabinet resolved:


To support the proposals outlined in section 2 of the report going forward to:


1.    Consult on:


a)   Closure of Clapham and Patching C of E Primary School by September 2020 whilst continuing to discuss academisation proposals which the County Council will encourage and support. 

b)   Closure of Rumboldswhyke C of E Infant School effective September 2020.

c)    Relocation of Warninglid Primary School and the federation of the school by September 2021 (subject to developers progress).

d)   Closure of Stedham Primary School by September 2020, whilst continuing to encourage and assist the school in its discussion on federation, which if agreed by the end of the consultation period (16 March 2020), will result in the consultation ceasing. 


2.   Progress the Federation proposals for:


·         Compton and Up Marden C of E Primary School.


The call-in deadline is 23 January 2020.