Issue - decisions

Contract arrangements for Community Advice (Citizens Advice)

27/02/2019 - Contract arrangements for Community Advice (Citizens Advice) AH15 18/19

The Cabinet Member for Adults and Health has approved:


1)   the procurement of a generalist community advice service via a single tender process, with Citizens Advice as the preferred provider, from 1st April 2019 for a period of 1+1+1 years;


2)   that the County Council leads the tendering process on behalf of our funding partners, the West Sussex District and Borough Councils;


3)   authority be delegated to the Executive Director, Children’s Adults’ Families Health and Education, to award the contract to the bidder as set out in the report for an initial one year period and agree to future extensions of the contract up to a further two one year periods; and


4)   that the contract is let at the same price as the current contract with an option to reduce funding by 10% in the third and final year, subject to available budget, negotiation with funding partners and overall service performance.