Issue - decisions

Property Holdings: (Rolling entry)

07/04/2022 - Property Holdings: Promotion Agreement land at Smuggler's Lane, BN44 3HH FP02(22/23)

The Cabinet Member has endorsed:

(1)        That an area of WSCC land at Smugglers Lane, Upper Beeding, Horsham, comprising 0.62 ha (1.53 acres) is declared surplus to the County Council’s operational requirements; and that

(2)        The County Council enters into a planning promotion agreement with a Land Promoter and an adjoining landowner to promote and secure a detailed planning permission for housing development on the combined land ownership with a view to marketing and disposing of the WSCC freehold land at an agreed minimum value as set out in Appendix A (restricted to Members only); and that

(3)        Authority is delegated to the Assistant Director of Property and Assets in conjunction with the Director of Law and Assurance to conclude the terms of the promotion agreement, and, subject to the grant of a satisfactory planning permission, agree the eventual marketing and sale of the land to the highest bidder.