Issue - decisions

School Funding 2022/23

23/02/2022 - School Funding 2022/23 - LS14 (21/22)

The Cabinet Member for Learning and Skills has agreed the approach to the local funding formula for mainstream schools as set out in section 2 of the report and approved the proposals in paragraph 2.30 of the report to:


(1) Continue to protect the primary lump sum at a rate of £130,000, by continuing to scale back the primary unit values for Low Prior Attainment (LPA) from the National Funding Formula (NFF) primary unit value,

(2) Reduce the NFF basic entitlement rates by 0.5% in order to help pay for the £1.2m transfer to the Dedicated Schools Grant High Needs block,

(3) Set the Minimum Funding Guarantee level at 1% to ensure that all mainstream schools benefit by this increase in their pupil-led funding.