Committee details

Standards Assessment Sub-Committee

Purpose of committee

The Standards Assessment Sub-Committee comprises three members of the Standards Committee. The Sub-Committee is convened when required to consider an initial complaint made about the conduct of an individual councillor. Following consideration of the initial complaint, the Sub-Committee can determine to either ask the Director of Law and Assurance to investigate the complaint fully or to take other action, or can decide that no action should be taken.


Although the agendas of the Standard Assessment Sub-Committee are published to give notice of the meeting, the reports and minutes are not made available to the public due to the confidential nature of their business.


Standards Assessment Sub-Committee meetings are not open to the public. However, due the current public health emergency and in accordance with regulations, the County Council is, until further notice, holding virtual committee meetings with councillors attending and participating remotely via conference calls. In order to comply with the regulations which require a public declaration of the members present in a virtual meeting, the first non-confidential part of any Standards Assessment Sub-Committee meeting will therefore be webcast to allow press and public access.


Please contact Democratic Services if any further information is required.


Contact information

Support officer: Charles Gauntlett on 033 022 22524. Email: