Committee details

Local Assistance Network Task and Finish Group

Purpose of committee



A Health and Adult Social Care Select Committee Task and Finish Group reviewing the level of funding for the Local Assistance Network as part of strategic budget options.


Draft Terms of Reference


1.         A Task and Finish Group (TFG) made up of members of the Health and Adult Social Care Select Committee (HASC), to scrutinise the proposed Cabinet Member for Adults and Health decisions regarding a review of the level of funding provided by the County Council to the local assistance network. The TFG will undertake its work at a single meeting on 13 November, to enable it to report its findings to the Cabinet Member for Adults and Health before final decision early in December 2019.

2.         The role of the TFG is to consider and form conclusions and recommendations on:


·           Consideration of member discussions at HASC meeting on 27 September;

·           The outcome of engagement with key stakeholders, including current providers, to the proposals;

·           What impact assessments has been undertaken and what conclusions have been made from these assessments, including any identified risks and potential financial impact on other County Council services.

3.         Membership of the TFG is drawn from Members of the Health and Adult Social Care Select Committee, as follows:Mr Bryan Turner, Mr Kevin Boram, Mrs Anne Jones, Mrs Ann Bridges, Mrs Pat Arculus, Dr James Walsh and Mrs Brenda Smith.

4.         Support for the TFG is as follows:


·           Service Lead officers: Catherine Galvin, Head of Commissioning, People’s Services, Sarah Farragher, Head of Adult Improvement, People’s Services, Chris Makin, Improvement Lead, People’s Services

·           Democratic Services officer support: Helena Cox, Senior Advisor and Rob Castle, Assistant Democratic Services Officer

5.         Key stakeholders will be informed of the TFG’s work and where possible, be given the opportunity to input (e.g. through attending the meeting and/or providing written evidence).  These may include; current LAN providers.

6.         The TFG will write to the Cabinet Member for Adults and Health with its conclusions and recommendations.  This, along with any responses received, will be published on the WSCC web site and copied for information to all HASC members.


Current status


There was one meeting on 13 November 2019.



Contact information

Support officer: Rob Castle on 033 022 22546. Email: