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West Sussex Health and Wellbeing Board

Purpose of committee

About the Board


The Health and Wellbeing Board is a forum where key leaders from the health and care system work together to improve the health and wellbeing of their local population and reduce health inequalities.


The Board helps to give communities a greater say in understanding and addressing their local health and social care needs. Find more detailed information about the Board (and how it operates), see the
scheme of delegation


To find a membership list of the Board, meetings and event information, go to the Board's Committee Details.


Our vision and plans


It is our vision that:


West Sussex is a great place in which to grow up, achieve, raise a family and grow old, in strong, safe and sustainable communities – it is a place where improved health and wellbeing is experienced by all our residents, and the health and wellbeing gap between communities is reducing’


We work on a number of priorities and plans which supports this vision and are brought together in our Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy.


What else are we responsible for?


We have specific responsibilities for the following areas:


Assessment of the health and wellbeing needs of local residents. This is known as the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA).

Developing a Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy to meet the health and wellbeing needs identified in the JSNA.

Reducing the gap in health and wellbeing between communities.


Joining up health and care services

Reviewing and approving key health and wellbeing plans and strategies such as the Better Care Fund plan, and Clinical Commissioning Group commissioning plans.

Get involved


We welcome the public, professionals and other stakeholders to all of our meetings. These are held in a different location each time to make the meetings as accessible as possible. 

If you would like to know more about the Board and the work it is carrying out or how you could get involved please contact:

Erica Keegan on 033 022 26050 or e-mail


Review of the West Sussex Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy


We have launched a consultation to review our draft Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy. We are interested in your feedback and comments to help shape the final strategy, and we welcome everyone to take part. 


Please take some time to read the draft Strategy and complete the short survey found here to share your views on the draft strategy.


Useful documents


•     Joint Health and Wellbeing Board Strategy 2015-18 (PDF, 1.6MB)



Contact information

Support officer: Erica Keegan on 033 022 26050. Email: