Committee details

Joint Western Arun Area Committee

Purpose of committee

County Local Committees (CLCs) are our approach to involving local residents in decision making. They aim to bring county councillors closer to local people and you closer to your County Council.  The joint area committees function in the same way as all other CLCs, except that their membership also includes local Arun District Council and parish councillors. As a result of this they also discuss local district and parish issues and, where appropriate, make decisions and recommendations on these.


Residents are encouraged to attend their local CLC meetings to find out how they can contribute to making their community better, or visit our Facebook page.


Alternatively, you can always contact us with your comments and points of view.


The Joint Western Arun Area Committee includes the following County Council electoral divisions:


Bognor Regis East

Bognor Regis West & Aldwick





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Help to find funding for local community projects is available on the Community Initiative Fund pages.


Contact information

Support officer: Jack Caine on 033 022 28941. Email: