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Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education

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Information about Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education

The Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education (SACRE) is a County Council committee whose job is to advise the County Council, as local education authority (LEA), on religious education and collective worship.


It is made of up representatives from a number of denominations as follows and may also include co-opted members.


·        Committee A: Christian denominations and other religions

·        Committee B: Church of England

·        Committee C: Associations representing teachers

·        Committee D: Local Education Authority


The annual SACRE report provides information regarding the membership and work of the West Sussex SACRE.  All SACREs have to publish an annual report that sets out the advice given to the LEA over the year.


Watch meetings online


Some meetings of SACRE will be held virtually with members attending and participating remotely via conference calls.


In these instances press and public access will be via webcasting and you can watch the meetings live online via our webcasting website. Our webcasts are also available to view in the webcast library for six years after the meeting (six months prior to May 2020).


Watch meetings online