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This page lists the meetings for County Council.

Information about County Council

Public health restrictions


The agendas for these meetings will be published on the website and the meetings will be available to watch online via our webcasting website.


Please note that, due to the continuing public health restrictions, public attendance at meetings of the Council is limited and those wishing to attend need to book in advance.


In response to the continuing public health restrictions a limited number of members will be physically present in the meeting and others will attend and participate remotely via conference calls.


Please contact Democratic Services if any further information is required.

Full Council meetings are the principal forum for political debate, and the 70 members meet 6 times a year.


Full Council


The full Council, which is chaired by the County Chairman, takes decisions on key policy plans. It appoints the Leader, who decides the areas of responsibility of the Cabinet, to which responsibility is delegated for carrying out many of the County Council's policies and strategies.


It also appoints select committees, which examine and review decisions and actions of the Cabinet as well as some non-executive committees.


Watch meetings online


You can watch meetings live online via our webcasting website. Our webcasts are also available to view in the webcast library for six years after the meeting (six months prior to May 2020).


Watch meetings online


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