County Council - Friday, 7 June 2024 10.30 am

Venue: County Hall, Chichester PO19 1RQ

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Apologies for Absence

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Members' Interests pdf icon PDF 49 KB

Members are asked to disclose any pecuniary or personal interests in matters appearing on the agenda.

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Minutes pdf icon PDF 169 KB

The Council is asked to confirm the minutes of the annual meeting of the County Council held on 22 March 2024.

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Appointments pdf icon PDF 35 KB

To consider any proposed changes to appointments. Any proposals will be circulated and changes will take effect from the end of the meeting.

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Address by a Cabinet Member

At the discretion of the Chairman, to receive an address by a Cabinet Member on a matter of urgency and/or significant interest to the County Council and which relates to the powers and responsibilities of the County Council or which affects the Council.

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Cllr Sarah Sharp

The Council is asked to resolve that, in accordance with Section 85 of the Local Government Act 1972, Cllr Sharp’s current circumstances should be approved as a reason for absence.

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West Sussex Waste Local Plan: Five-year Assessment of Relevance and Effectiveness pdf icon PDF 97 KB

The Council is asked to consider the outcome of the five-year assessment of the Waste Local Plan and agree a recommendation that the Plan is still relevant and effective and does not need to be reviewed formally, in the light of a report by the Cabinet Member for Environment and Climate Change. Please note that Appendix 1 to the report has been published separately and is available via the website.

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Question Time pdf icon PDF 152 KB

Questions to the Leader and Cabinet Members on matters in the Cabinet report, written questions and any other questions relevant to their portfolios. Members may also ask questions of the Leader on anything current and relevant to the County Council. The report covers portfolio-related business since the meeting of the Council on 22 March 2024. A supplementary report may be published.


(2 hours is allocated for Question Time)

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Lunch (In the event that morning business is finished before lunch afternoon business will be brought forward.)

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Notices of Motion

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Motion on Community Policing pdf icon PDF 82 KB

To debate the following motion, submitted by Cllr Burrett, notice of which was given on 21 May 2024.


‘This Council recognises the concerns raised in response to residents’ surveys about the fear of crime and anti-social behaviour, and also recognises the importance our residents place on the visibility of Police officers in the community and the reassurance that presence brings to local people.


The Council also recognises the negative effects on our communities and the safety of our residents of anti-social behaviour, speeding and other activities which erode the quality of life for the people of West Sussex.


The priority of this Council’s Community Safety and Wellbeing Service is to reduce harm in our communities. Working alongside other organisations is key to this work, with Sussex Police being a significant partner in delivering this priority.


In reducing harm to our communities and providing reassurance to residents, the Council welcomes the vision to “get back to core policing” outlined earlier this year by the Home Secretary, The Right Honourable James Cleverly MP, and the challenge he has made to Chief Constables to give greater priority to community policing and the visibility of Police officers within our communities, and to avoid abstracting officers into other activities as much as possible.


The Council expresses its support for the vision outlined by the Home Secretary, noting that a greater emphasis on community policing needs to be evenly spread across our urban and rural communities in West Sussex, all of whom should benefit equally from greater Police visibility.


Therefore, the Council ask the Cabinet Member for Community Support, Fire and Rescue calls on the Police and Crime Commissioner for Sussex and the Chief Constable of Sussex Police to make it their priority to take on board the vision outlined by the Home Secretary, and to turn this into reality in the new Police and Crime Plan for the benefit of West Sussex.’

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Motion on Access to GPs and Dentistry pdf icon PDF 60 KB

Please note that, following a review of representations linked to the timing of the General Election, this motion has been withdrawn from the agenda for this meeting


To debate the following motion, submitted by Cllr McGregor, notice of which was given on 21 May 2024.


‘This Council:


·         Recognises and embraces its role as an advocate for the provision of quality-assured public services in West Sussex, and the representation of the public voice through the mandate of its democratic legitimacy.


·         Recognises the need to continue to work collaboratively with partners across the local health and care system, utilising a range of channels of influence to drive improvements to public services provided in partnership with or wholly by others, including a readiness to hold ourselves and others to account.


·         Maintains its support for the Sussex Shared Delivery Plan (SDP) designed to deliver the objectives of the Sussex Integrated Care Strategy (Improving Lives Together) and the NHS Operating Plan.


·         Acknowledges the inclusion of a focus on increasing access to General Practice (GP) and dentistry services in Delivery Area 2 (Immediate Improvement Priorities) of the SDP, and the transfer of responsibility for the latter from NHS England to NHS Sussex in April 2022.


·         Recognises the public concerns about accessing GP and dentistry services in the county, which have been represented in the welcome deliberations of the Health and Adult Social Care Scrutiny Committee and encourages the continued engagement of the Committee in these subjects, making a positive contribution to improving access for our local population.


This Council therefore calls upon the Cabinet Member for Public Health and Wellbeing, including in their role as Chairman of the West Sussex Health and Wellbeing Board and a member of the Sussex Health and Care Assembly, to make best use of the available channels of influence to deliver improvements to GP and dentistry access in particular, along with other key actions within SDP Delivery Area 2 (Immediate Improvement Priorities).’

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County Council concludes

Items not commenced by 4.15 p.m. will be deferred to the following meeting.

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