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Framework for managing planned events on West Sussex highways

Meeting: 20/06/2019 - Communities, Highways and Environment Scrutiny Committee (Item 96)

96 Framework for Considering Requests for Events on West Sussex Highways pdf icon PDF 56 KB

Report by Executive Director of Place Services and Director of Highways, Transport and Planning.


The Committee is asked to consider whether the proposed protocol enables events to happen in a beneficial way, whether it covers the issues sufficiently, has the right objectives and principles and otherwise addresses concerns arising from recent experience.

Additional documents:


96.1   The Committee considered a report by Executive Director for Place Services and Director of Highways, Transport and Planning (copy appended to signed minutes).


96.2   Jeff Elliott, Highway Network & Traffic Manager, introduced the report with a presentation (copy of slides appended to the signed minutes) which highlighted the work that has been carried out to produce the framework. It was emphasised that this is very much a draft document which has been produced with support from the district and borough council licensing teams.


96.3   With permission of the Chairman, Mr Bradford, Member for Rother Valley addressed the Committee and highlighted some of the issues that “Velo” had caused to his division. Similar concerns were received in writing from Mrs Duncton, Member for Petworth, Dr O’Kelly, Member for Midhurst and Mr Jupp, Member for Southwater and Nuthurst.


96.4     The Committee made comments including those that follow. It:


·         Welcomed the report and was broadly supportive and understood the need to have a framework. It noted that the framework balances both the positive and negative impacts of events and reassured that this framework would address many of the issues highlighted by the communities with regards to “Velo” and would allow the Cabinet Member to refuse permission for events to be held if the mitigation offered is not suitable or the risk to the community too high.


·         Welcomed the long lead-in time required for events to be organised (at least one year) as this would give sufficient time for the local member, County Council services and communities to be properly consulted at the earliest opportunity.


·         Requested that the report be clearer on when West Sussex County Council can claim back costs, who would take the final decision on whether events would be permitted, and whether the decision could be taken as a key decision.


·         Suggested that screening points should be added to the timeline, to make it clear when political escalation is required.


·         Requested clarity on the process for implementing Temporary Traffic Regulation Orders.


96.5     Resolved – That the Committee welcomes the production of a draft protocol, and asks that the revised version be brought back to the Committee when ready.